Welcome to the online home of Bridgeport, Michigan, a pioneering community nestled between Frankenmuth, Birch Run, Saginaw and Bay City, Bridgeport is a community of roughly 11,000 people living and working in a range of industries, including hospitality, manufacturing and agriculture. With thriving businesses and comfortable community living, Bridgeport residents enjoy exceptional lifestyles at both work and home. And with convenient dining and hospitality services, enriching historical sites, entertaining tourist events and spectacular indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities, visitors enjoy Bridgeport, too, whether they're traveling for business or for pleasure.

If you're already living or working in Bridgeport, we hope you'll visit this site often, both as a reference, and to keep up-to-date on local news and local opportunities regarding your business and your family. And if you're new to Bridgeport, or just visiting, we hope these pages will help you to discover at least a few of the many things that our community has to offer.